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Many people like to play slot machines and roulette. But now they have the opportunity to try their hand as a casino owner. To do this, run the game Casino Inc. This is a popular economic strategy that allows the player to become a businessman and manager of the casino.


Tips for the game

Casino Inc. is a game world where you need to open your own casino and make it the most popular establishment in town. To do this, you will need to hire employees, purchase equipment and control the behavior of visitors.First, the player needs to choose a city in which he plans to run his own casino. Different locations have different levels of difficulty. The ranking of the institution will depend on the number of urban population and customers, as well as the level of competition. Inexperienced players are better to start a game in a city where there are no competitors. This will allow you to get practical experience, which will then help to develop a successful development strategy in a highly competitive environment.

Fulfillment of tasks

At the initial stage, the player must pass a chain of training tasks. This will allow you to get acquainted with the basic functionality. You will be able to learn the rules of buying a plot, the peculiarities of its expansion, the choice of equipment, and the hiring of personnel. When the mandatory tasks are completed, the player is given freedom of action. Now it will be possible to make their own decisions about hiring staff and attracting customers.

Game strategies

The game has a powerful mechanics, so you can choose different strategies for the development of their business. For example, you may allow to the casino anyone who wants to enter, or create lists of customers who are not allowed to enter the casino. It will be necessary to hire security guards, who will carry out access control. To attract poor customers, it should be understood that they are interested in the low price of alcoholic beverages and food. And the size of the rates should be very low. It is possible to attract such social strata of the population by opening a movie theater. This will create an additional source of income.


The maximum rates of the middle class is 5 dollars. This is the main part of the customers. Therefore, the main marketing efforts should be aimed precisely at the middle class. To do this, for example, you can organize a bus route that will take them to the institution for free. There are few rich people in town, but they can spend a lot of money. To attract them, you need to hire highly qualified employees and build a comfortable hotel. To earn more from wealthy customers, it is advisable to launch a number of additional services.


When the business starts to bring in a good income, you can buy new slot machines, expand the range of services, as well as open new casinos. Casino management. The main task of the player is the proper management of the casino. Must correctly select staff, supervise their work, timely payment of wages and bonuses. The reputation of the institution will depend on it.It is also necessary to pay attention to the security of the institution. If the guards will not control the order, then because of the hooligans the casino can incur great losses. They can break several slot machines, and visitors will be dissatisfied with the institution, which will reduce income. Therefore, first direct the main efforts to work with the staff.

Bottom line

Casino Inc. is located at and is considered one of the most popular economic strategies. Players will not get bored, as they are offered a large selection of features and quality game mechanics.


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