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History of Akamai

Akamai is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, and the company’s name is taken from the Hawaiian word for « smart. Akamai was formally founded in 1998 to address Internet congestion. In 1999, Akamai was successfully listed on the NASDAQ. After several years following the Internet bubble in 2001, Akamai became a $2 billion revenue company.
Looking at the Asia-Pacific and Japan regions, Akamai now has 46,000 servers deployed in a network of 693 carriers distributed in 1,054 different locations, 27 countries and 329 cities per second. The data traffic processed is 13 TB or more.
CDN service provider startups have gradually emerged in recent years, and competition in the market has become fierce. Many network vendors have bypassed CDN service providers and signed agreements with ISPs to deploy their servers on network edge nodes to provide services at lower prices.

The 4 main areas of Akamai’s service provisioning

Security. With cloud access and informatization, businesses are facing more and more security threats on the Internet, so security is the first thing companies need to consider. Read more at: https://www.akamai.com/products/app-and-api-protector.

Performance. Akamai’s customer solution is a solution for improving productivity and user experience. Whether it’s enterprise websites, mobile applications or API connections, Akamai can provide the global, consistent, most stable and highest quality performance and user experience. On Internet gaming platforms, gamers enjoy high performance gaming thanks to Akamai https://www.akamai.com/solutions/industries/gaming.

Delivery: Akamai’s media delivery solution helps media companies tailor video and file content with the best resolution and adaptive high definition, ensuring that media company audiences, whether on mobile apps or desktop electronic devices, can get the best possible viewing experience and entertainment.

Service. When going overseas, Chinese companies do not fully understand the risks associated with overseas infrastructure and security, and often require highly qualified global service providers to provide them with a great deal of advice. And recommendations, especially according to industry needs.

Provides security solutions for organizations of all sizes

Akamai provides security solutions for organizations of all sizes, it provides large enterprises with complete application protection, infrastructure protection, user information and protection related to the Internet of Things, on the one hand. It also provides appropriate security solutions for medium and small startups. Since these companies often lack a dedicated security team and in-depth security management experience,
Akamai, through one-click security deployments, protects gaming applications not only from loss of user data, but also promotes stable play https://www.akamai.com/solutions/industries/gaming
As more and more businesses choose to move application data to the cloud, they face more and more risk of information and security breaches. With Akamai’s cloud security solution, whether an enterprise uses a public cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategy, Akamai can help enterprises extend security protection and control to the edge of the cloud, providing robust protection in the cloud, including Application Level, DDoS traffic level, scanner level.

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