Top best crypto exchanges and their features

The cryptocurrency system is characterized by the lack of storage of data about the owners of email addresses, so it is impossible to check the availability of an access key. All transactions on the cryptocurrency exchange are anonymous because they do not contain information about the owners of the assets. You can pay with cryptocurrency in the online system, cash out through exchange systems, or exchange one type of digital currency for another. To get acquainted with the statistics of the most popular crypto exchanges, you can use the analytical resource In this article, we will look at two of the most popular crypto exchanges and what are their features.


Bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins is a Finnish cryptocurrency exchange that was registered in 2012. The headquarters of LocalBitcoins is located in Finland in the city of Helsinki. The official website of the local bitcoin exchange is or mirror, it is available in 7 languages, including Russian. The main difference between the localbitcoins exchange is that purchase and sale transactions are carried out between people, without the intervention of the exchange. This procedure allows you to make the process of buying and selling much faster and more transparent.
Among the main advantages of the LocalBitcoins exchange is its experience in the market, we recall that the bitcoin locale has been operating since 2012. An undeniable advantage in working with localbitcoins is that they accept a large number of payment options, we wrote about this above. And of course, trading volumes, the LocalBitcoins exchange is used by a huge number of users around the world.
You can find out the full analytics of this exchange at the link

The exchange was created in 2019 on the Monaco cryptocurrency platform. Since 2016, the predecessor has provided the opportunity for its customers to purchase, send, store and pay with digital assets. After the developers added trading opportunities, the resource quickly became popular and entered the TOP of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges.
Benefits of

  • a full-fledged crypto platform with mobile applications, and not just an exchange;shares and benefits for valuable customers;
  • the possibility of receiving passive income from the storage of funds;
  • low commissions;
  • the possibility of obtaining a physical card.

You can find out the full analytics of this exchange at the link

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